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Muzaffarpur, the second most developed city of Bihar after Patna. Not a big city but still has its own touch and its own aura. Nowadays, there are multiple famous shops, malls, and Restaurants. Today, Let’s talk about the best restaurants in Muzaffarpur.

Moreover, here in this article we will not be only talking about the restaurants instead we will be talking about some of the good places to have food. If you are a foodie, stay here because this is going to be one of the best articles for your tastebuds.

List of Best Restaurants in Muzaffarpur

Bharat Jalpan

If you are from Muzaffarpur, then there’s a ninety percent chance that you must be knowing about this place. It is Located in Saraiyaganj. Out of all the dishes they serve, the best one is Masala Dosa and Ras-Madhuri. I mean I have tried different flavors of Dosa in South India as well, but Bharat Jalpan’s Dosa still maintains its dignity. Now coming to Ras-Madhuri (Sweet), one Ras-Madhuri is enough to satiate you to full. So, if you are new to Muzaffarpur and haven’t tried it does visit this place. It is one of the best restaurants Muzaffarpur has.

The Park

The Park restaurant is situated in Mithanpura. So, what makes it to the list is, it is not that costly as well as proper hygiene is maintained. The food they serve there is awesome, I mean you can just eat whatever you like, almost all the dishes out there are great. They serve both veg and non-veg. If you want to dine out with family, you can definitely pay a visit to the place.

Maharaja Sweets

This place is very famous for its sweets. So, if you have a sweet tooth all you need to do is to visit the Maharaja Sweets at Tilak Maidan Road Muzaffarpur. Almost all the sweets are made in Desi ghee adding an extra edge to the taste. The addition of Desi ghee makes it incomparable; I have been to places and tried out sweets from different places as well but nothing comes even closer to this place.

Vaishali Pav Bhaji

Whenever someone says the word Pav Bhaji, we think of the city Mumbai. I tell you this place serves Pav Bhaji no less than the pav bhaji’s served in Mumbai. It’s awesome. If you ask me personally, I will say that it even goes ahead of the Pav bhaji’s served in Mumbai. It is a must-visit, in my opinion. You should definitely pay a visit and enjoy the delicious Pav Bhaji.

Kesariya Food Court

Kesariya Food Court is situated near Kalambagh Chowk. It is also one of the best restaurants in Muzaffarpur to enjoy good food. You can have multiple things there all of them are of good quality. If you are a foodie, you should definitely pay a visit and enjoy the food.

Now, one very famous thing about Muzaffarpur is its Samosa and Chat corners. I mean the people here are crazy about Chat, Kachori, and Samosa. Panipuri Lovers, don’t worry we have covered you as well.

Vaishali Chat Corner

So, there are multiple Vaishali Corners in Muzaffarpur, but here I am talking specifically about the Vaishali Chat Cornet at Chhata Chowk. I have spent my entire childhood eating chats from those two places, one is Vaishali Chat corner and the second one will definitely come after this.

Banshi Sweets

Bansi Sweets is exactly opposite to Vaishali Chat Corner at Chhata Chowk and is equally good, you can have Chat, samosa, kachori, and multiple sweets at this place. Both Vaishali and Banshi sweets offer you various kinds of Chats i.e., Papdi Chat, Samosa Chat, Kachori Chat, Tikki chat. All of them are equally good.

Taste Maker Sweets

This shop is present near Brahmpura Thana and serves you a variety of stuff. Out of which chat is the most famous one. If you are residing anywhere near M.I.T, Lakshmi Chowk, Brahmpura. You can definitely pay a visit to this place.

Unknown Samosa Corner

We don’t exactly know the name of the place, but the name doesn’t even matter at all. If you are near Kalyani chowk, just take the left straight road and on the right side, you can find this small samosa corner, which sells tiny samosas and let me tell you this is the best samosa you can have in Muzaffarpur. I mean nobody comes even near to it. Earlier they used to give three Samosa at Rs 10, now they give 3 samosas at Rs 12. But trust me the “chatni” they give with the samosa, I bet you will definitely not stop at having 3 samosas.

Panipuri Corners

We can tell you the places where we have personally tried Panipuri and it’s amazing. So, one in front of Sagar Garment shop in Motijheel. Another one is at the entrance of Kathi Pull sabzi market. One Near the Kalambagh Chowk’s Hanuman Mandir. One in front of Brahmpura Thana. These Panipuri stalls are all amazing. I mean you can’t resist going to these places again and again.

Meat Corner near Lakshmi Chowk

So, this is a place where they serve you Chooda and Mutton. You will find people gathering over there for this and trust me it is not a very big shop but the taste is amazing, not a big fan of mutton, still, I love the taste at that place. So, if you love non-veg and are also a desi Dhaba freak, you can definitely pay a visit to the place.

Jalpan Fast food Corner

It is situated near Brahmpura thana. Here as well, you can have multiple food items but the thing that I like the most from this place is their Rolls and burger. You can definitely try Rolls. Regarding Burger, you just go there and ask for a burger, all you need is twenty bucks and trust me, it is far better than the subway burgers.

Roll Center at Kalyani Chowk

Right at the Kalyani chowk, you can find on the right side in the narrow lane a roll shop. It is also a very nice shop to have egg rolls. I have tried only egg rolls there but my friends say that all other roles are equally good.

Biryani Mahal

It is near Pizza hut, Mithanpura Road. You can have Biryani there, not good as those from Hyderabad but definitely worth trying out. The price is nominal and the taste and quality are also good there.

Bharat Biryani

Right in the heart of Muzaffarpur’s famous market “Motijheel” lies Bharat Biryani. It is very famous among all the biryani lovers in Muzaffarpur. The reason is their good taste with comparatively less price. Definitely, the quantity, the taste in the given price is definitely awesome. If you are a Biryani lover, then you can definitely pay a visit to the place.

One Bite

One Bite is Muzaffarpur’s own Alternative for KFC, MC Donald’s, etc.  This restaurant is situated on the road which joins Lakshmi Chowk and Bairiya. The grilled chicken is way too awesome there. You can have pizza, burgers, soft drinks, Choco lava cake and various other things as well. But the grilled chicken is of another level. If you are a diehard chicken lover, please pay a visit. And the best part, it is way too cheaper than KFC and all.

Lassi Corner

Enough discussions of the food, now after food what we desperately need is Lassi. Okay, so those who are die-hard lassi fans, please pay a visit to Dharmsala road near Santoshi Mata Mandir. This place is a delight to your tastebuds. They serve one of the best lassis I ever had.  It is very rich with khoa, dry fruits, and something amazing put along with curd, and once you have it you will go daily there till your stay.

There are definitely multiple other places that can be added to the list like Dominos, Pizza hut, Haldiram, Milan Restaurant, etc. but we tried keeping those in the list who are Desi and not that branded. We tried promoting the local shops, which are there in Muzaffarpur when these all were not there. Also, we missed out on the momos corner, we will try to cover that in the next article. Hope you all like our list of best Restaurants in Muzaffarpur, let us know in the comment section what all places we have missed and you wanted them to be added to the list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Best Restaurants in Muzaffarpur that delivers?

The Cake

What are the Best takeaway Restaurants in Muzaffarpur?

Bharat Jalpan
Maharaja Sweets
Simna Spice Garden

What are the Best Restaurants in Muzaffarpur for Couples?

Simna Spice Garden
Orchid Aroma
Rreamso DJ on Fire
2 Steps Cafe

What are the Best Family Restaurants in Muzaffarpur?

Simna Spice Garden
Shahi Dawat
Friends Restaurant
Chatkara Family Restaurant

What are the best cheap restaurants in Muzaffarpur?

Bharat Jalpan
Hot and Spice Fast Food Restaurant
Simna Spice Garden
Shahi Dawat

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