Bihar to Construct 56 Railway Overbridges by the Year 2024
Image Credits: DNA India

To overcome the traffic jams occurred due to railway crossings in the state, Bihar has reportedly planned to construct a total of 56 railway overbridges in different districts in the coming four years.

Out of these 56 overbridges, the construction process of 20 of them has to be started this year. Right now, a total of 5 overbridges are being constructed in Aurangabad, Sasaram, Gaya, and Kaimur which is planned to be completed by the end of the year 2023.

The officials are now finding those railway crossings in different districts that are facing day-to-day traffic jams. So far, the officials have spotted some bridges in Danapur, Samastipur, Mugalsarai, Sonpur, and Katihar Rail Division and preparing the detailed project report for the same.

The officials from Indian Railways and Bihar Road Construction Department have inspected more than four dozen bridges out of which the respective district administration has selected three dozen bridges that should be constructed.

Now, out of these three dozen bridges, five of them are being constructed in Aurangabad, Sasaram, Gaya, and Kaimur. However, the detailed project report is currently being prepared for the remaining. As soon as the detailed project report will be ready and gets the green flag the construction process will start.

Cost of Construction

The officials have estimated Rs. 60-80 crore as the cost to construct one bridge. Let say the cost to construct one bridge is Rs. 80 crores then if we count the total estimated cost to construct all the 56 bridges then that equals Rs. 4480 crore.

Now, as I said the Indian Railway and the Bihar Road Construction Department have partnered with each other to construct these bridges, they also have to equally bear their cost of construction. The state government has also taken the responsibility to acquire the land.

Regarding the construction of these bridges, the Addition Chief Secretary of Bihar Road Construction Department, Mr. Amrit Lal Meena has said that “The government is trying to construct these ROBs as soon as possible and this financial year the construction process of more than a dozen of these bridges will start”.

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