Muzaffarpur City Bus Service
Muzaffarpur City Bus Service

Last year, when I told you that GAIL is building 3 CNG outlets in Muzaffarpur, then we first came to know that some cities in Bihar soon run CNG-powered vehicles on their streets.

Thereafter, In April this year, we came to know that BSRTC to soon run CNG-powered Buses in between some cities.

Last month, Bihar Government launched 50 CNG buses to run on the streets of the state capital.

Two days ago we came to know that Muzaffarpur is going to start the City Bus Service from October this year.

Today a local newspaper (Hindustan) says these buses will be powered by CNG. That means, the city bus service which is going to start in Muzaffarpur from October this year will be powered by CNG.

This Saturday, BSRTC administrator Shyam Kishore reached Muzaffarpur.

In order to soon start the CNG City Bus service in the city, he met the District Magistrate, Pranav Kumar.

After meeting the District Magistrate, he visited the regional BSRTC office which is located in Imlichatti, Muzaffarpur.

There he said, the city bus service will operate on all the major roads in Muzaffarpur.

The number of seats in these buses will be between 18 to 22.

The Municipal Corporation will buy these buses and the Transport Corporation will operate them.

These buses will run in between 8-10 km.

In order to fuel these buses in the city, GAIL India has been given the tender to build CNG Plant in Bela, Muzaffarpur.

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