Darbhanga Airport beats Patna Airport in Passengers Traffic

Darbhanga Airport started the air services for common passengers in November last year.

Now nine months have passed since the airline started from Darbhanga Airport.

In these 9 months, Darbhanga Airport has beaten Patna Airport in passenger traffic.

On one hand where Patna Airport manages an average of 110 to 125 passengers per plane Darbhanga Airport oversees an average of 150 passengers.

Last July, the Airport Authority of India shared statistics that show 3 lakh passengers’ movement from Darbhanga Airport till July.

At present, 10 to 12 flights are running daily from Darbhanga Airport, which flies to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Bengaluru.

Apart from this, at present only two companies are supplying passenger airlines from Darbhanga Airport – SpiceJet and Indigo.

Due to direct flight connectivity from these major cities of the country, travellers from North Bihar book flights from Darbhanga airport instead of Patna.

Given the progress of Darbhanga Airport, the possibility of getting more airports has increased in the smaller cities of the state.

In this regard, last month, the Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Sindhya wrote a letter to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. In the letter, the aviation minister had requested the Chief Minister to supply land for starting airports in some cities of Bihar.

Now you must be thinking that due to the construction of an airport in other districts of Bihar, the stature of Patna airport will decrease.

Let us tell you that this will not happen because in that case, Patna Airport will increase the movement of more international flights. An exercise is underway to make Patna airport friendly to international planes by spending Rs 1200 crore.

The Civil Aviation Minister says that we are considering starting a direct airline from Patna to Kathmandu and Dubai soon.

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