Muzaffarpur-Barauni Fourlane Construction Starts Next Year

Last July after the Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar urges the Union Road Transporation Minister to construct a four-lane over NH-28 in between Muzaffarpur and Barauni, the Road Transportation Minister assured to soon construct the same.

Thereafter, In February this year, Shri Ajay Nishad (Member of Parliament) wrote a letter to the Union Road Transportation Minister asking about the status of Muzaffarpur-Barauni four-lane project.

In response to the same letter, Shri Nitin Gadkari replied, due to COVID-19, we did not prepare the Detailed Project Report (DPR) in time but the same is being prepared swiftly and will be produced by the end of this year.

Once the DPR will be ready and everything goes smoothly then the construction of the highway might start as soon as April next year.

Last month, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar gave his consent to construct four new four-lane highways proposed by NHAI. Muzaffarpur-Barauni was one of them.

What is Muzaffarpur-Barauni Four lane Project?

The Muzaffarpur-Barauni four-lane project proposes the construction of a 118 km long four-lane highway in between Zero Mile, Barauni, and Dighra, Muzaffarpur.

A 98 km long two-lane highway is already present in between Barauni and Muzaffarpur.

In addition to upgrading this two-lane highway into a four-lane, two bypasses will be built in Dighra.

The estimated cost to construct this 118 km long four-lane is said to be Rs 2200 crore whereas the cost to construct these two bypasses in Dighra is estimated Rs 1350 crore.

As I said, the four-lane will consist of two bypasses in Dighra.

The estimated cost to construct the 7.5 km long left bypass is said to be Rs 550 crore while the 11.5 km long right bypass is said to be Rs 800 crores.

A Rest point In Between Muzaffarpur-Barauni Four-lane

Keeping the availability of public facilities in mind, a rest point will also be built in between the Muzaffarpur-Barauni four-lane highway.

The rest point will have the below list of facilities.

  1. Restaurants and Hotels
  2. First Aid Center
  3. Petrol Pump
  4. Parking Space for Vehicles
  5. Vehicle Repairing Shop

The Muzaffarpur-Barauni four-lane will also be connected with the proposed ring road in Muzaffarpur.

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