The city of litchis “Muzaffarpur” is facing the problem of water logging every other year. In this article, I have explained the reason behind the same in detail.

The Drainage Network was built in Muzaffarpur back in 1983.

The 37-year-old drainage network contains 6 primary sewers.

Initially, when the drainage system was built, the city water drains out in 2-3 hours.

But, now, due to encroachment and improper cleaning, the drainage system is disappearing.

The result is, our city faces waterlogging every Monsoon.

The Fardo Sewer is the main sewer of our city but it has encroached for years.

The Municipal Corporation hasn’t taken any initiative to clear the encroachment over Fardo Sewer.

Years ago, when the drainage network was established in the city, the population of the city was less than 20 thousand.

As per census 2011, the population of our city was 3 lakh 51 thousand. But, right now, if a census is conducted, the city population will definitely cross the 5 lakh mark.

Following the increasing population, the drainage network of our city has not been expanded in these years. This is also one reason why our city faces waterlogging every year.

To solve the waterlogging problem, six years ago (In 2015), the municipal corporation plans to build Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in the city. The corporation appoints an agency to survey where the STP could be built in the city. The corporation marked four outer places in the city suitable to build the Sewage Treatment Plant. Thereafter, the detailed project report was prepared and sent to the nodal office in Patna but no reply has been come so far.

Muzaffarpur spent Rs. 1.25 crore every month to clean the sewer

Muzaffarpur has reportedly spent Rs. 1.25 crore every month to clean the sewer.

Rs. 70 lakh for the salary of sweepers whereas Rs. 45 lakh for the fuel.

In spite of the same, the corporation is failing to drain out the water from the city.

After so much struggle, the corporation appoints 5400 more sweepers this year to clean the main sewers of our city but failed to do so.

Muzaffarpur is constructing Sewage Treatment Plant at Three Places

To drain out the water in the city, the Municipal Corporation is constructing three STPs in the city.

The first one in Khabra, the second one in Manika, Musahri, and the third one in Mithanpura.

The construction of these three STPs contains a 22 km long sewer.

The estimated cost to construct these three STPs is said to be Rs. 158 crore.

The corporation is planning to build these STPs and sewers by considering the city population in the coming 30 years.

Right now, where the city population is estimated at more than 5 lakh, the same will grow to 40 lakh in the coming 30 years.

Looking at this rate of urbanization, the city municipal corporation has planned to build Rs. 234 crore worth of sewage and drainage project.

The corporation is building Rs 32 crore worth drainage system which will be 121 km long and Rs 202 crore worth sewage system that contains 88 km long sewage pipeline. The corporation is building all these projects by categorizing them under the smart city projects.

Prime Reasons why Muzaffarpur faces water logging problem every other year

  1. The ward councilors clears the corporation despite of improper cleaning of sewers.
  2. Lack of monitoring while cleaning the sewers.
  3. Around 250 small sewers has been build in the city but they aren’t connected with each other.
  4. Encroachment over sewers that result in improper cleaning.
  5. Strict action hasn’t been taken against irresponsible Municipal Corporation personnels.

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