Muzaffarpur Manika Pond to Farm Fish using Cage Culture

Muzaffarpur’s Mushari Block’s famous Manika pond will now introduce Fish Farming using Cage culture. This initiative has been proposed to increase the productivity of fish farming in the district.

College of fisheries situated in Dholi, Muzaffarpur, which is affiliated with Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agriculture University is going to take care of it. The Cage culture fish farming is expected to have an overall cost of around 8 lakh rupees.

Freshwater fishes like Rohu, Catla, Naini, and Tilapia will be produced using this cage culture. Last year, fishers from Samastipur started using this cage culture and their productivity increased. Now, Muzaffarpur is going to implement the same technique.

Talking About Manika Pond, it is also included in the part of the Sewage water treatment plan. So, overall, we will be using this specific pond very judicially and try to increase the productivity in fish farming.

Generally, the major issue in fish farming is that the big fish in the ponds eats the small fish and hence results in productivity loss. To avoid this situation, Cage farming was introduced where sheds are made using the fishing nets and small fishes are grown there with utmost care and attention until they grow bigger.

The infrastructure for the same is imported from Kolkata. The expected date for its inauguration is the 10th of September 2021. If it shows prosperous results, this new cage culture technique will soon be implemented in other blocks as well. Normal fish breeding will continue to exist.

Local fishers from Mushari’s fisheries cooperation committee will be allowed to do the cage culture fish farming. They will be trained for the same. According to the committee secretary, Naresh Kumar Sahni, the sheds are ready, and, in each shade, there will be 12 blocks/columns of dimensions 15 cm x 15 cm. Places where the water level will be deep, on those places these sheds will be kept, it will help in keeping the fishes. Twenty fishers will be selected to do this job.

Concisely, a new fishing technique is going to be implemented in the Mushari Block of Muzaffarpur in Manika Pond. This new technique is introduced to increase the productivity of fish farming multiple folds.

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