Bihar Urban People to Pay Water Tax from 2022

The state government is planning to take water user tax from people living in the urban areas of the state starting next year.

The state government has already approved this scheme in a cabinet meeting that was conducted back in August this year.

Recently, the State Urban Development and Housing Department asked the municipalities about whether they are ready to implement this new scheme.

Now, most municipalities have informed the department that they are ready.

Now, as the Bihar cabinet has approved the new maintenance policy regarding the operation and maintenance of urban water supply, collecting water user tax from people living in urban areas of the state is expected to start from January next year.

Those of you who don’t know, the state government has approved collecting the water tax from people living in urban areas, to bear the cost of motor pump, pipeline, water tank and electricity. The water user tax will be different for domestic, industrial, and governmental use.

The municipalities will collect the water tax along with the property tax.

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