We all heard of this phrase “Necessity is the mother of invention”.

In Muzaffarpur we are soon going to see a live example of the same phrase.

Right now, the petrol price in India is at its peak. Although it’s a drop in the ocean, A native of Kharauna Village of Muzaffarpur is going to open a factory that converts Waste into Petrol.

An alumni of Indian Statistical Institute, Aashutosh Mangalam who is a native of Kharauna village, has been working on this project for five years.

He opened an organization named “Gravity Agro and Energy” that researches on converting Waste into Petrol.

Thereafter, he takes a Rs 28 lakh loan from the government to open the Waste-to-Petrol factory on his ancestral land. If we won’t count the land price then the cost to establish this factory is reportedly Rs 30 lakh.

The construction of the factory is now completed and is all set to open on October 25, 2021. State’s Industry Minister, Shahnawaz Hussain will inaugurate the factory.

In a report to Hindustan, the General Manager of Muzaffarpur Industries Center, Parimal Kumar Sinha said, the factory is being opened under the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Scheme.

The factory will be run by a group of local youth that includes Ashutosh Mangalam, Shivani, Sumit Kumar, Aman Kumar, Md. Hassan etc.

The Factory will daily produce 175 litres of Petrol

It is said the factory will daily produce 175 litres of petrol and diesel with 200 Kg of Plastic. With the machines installed, the factory will first convert waste plastics into ethane then will convert the ethane into Iso-octane. As per the officials, the factory will convert one litre of petrol at Rs 45. Muzaffarpur Municipal Corporation will supply the required waste to the factory.

Those of you who don’t know, the city municipal corporation is already preparing Organic manure from wet garbage by the pits established at Chandwara, Sikandarpur, and Company Bagh.

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    1. As per the company’s Facebook page, their contact number is 6202848491. Now, talking about the address, the company is situated in Kharauna Village, Muzaffarpur.

  1. I appreciate the article written by you. I will appreciate if you could share the contact details of any Director of the Firm viz. “Gravity Agro and Energy”. One of my friends in interested in getting the “technical knowhow” to expand their operations in Maharashtra or other states.

  2. Is there any possibility to establish the same at Jamshedpur? If so, what are all the things we need?

  3. Sir want to contact you because I am interested in opening a factory in West Bengal. Please sir give me the contact number of the owner of the waste-to-plastic petrol factory in Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

    1. Hi Raju,

      I have mentioned the contact details in the comment section, please check from there.

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