Ring Road in Bihar

To reduce traffic jams, the government plans to build a ring road in 6 Bihar districts. The construction might start in the year 2023.

The Bihar Road Construction Minister, Shri Nitin Nabin, recently conducted a meeting with the officials of the Union Road and Highways Transport Ministry.

In that meeting, the Minister proposes to construct a ring road in 5 Bihar districts apart from Patna.

Now, after getting the in-principle consent from the Center, the road construction department is selecting cities.

The department is selecting cities based on a few factors:

  1. The future traffic load in the city
  2. Whether Transport facility is available in-between two historical places.
  3. City’s Importance from Tourist point of view.

After the department completes selecting the cities, they will send the city’s name to the Union Road and Highways Ministry.

Once the ministry approves, the department will start the procedure of land acquisition.

Thereafter, the DPR will be built.

And then, finally, the tender process will start.

The department is trying to start the construction of the ring road from the year 2023.

Ring Road in Patna

Patna is the first city in Bihar where the construction of Ring Road is happening right now.

The length of Patna’s Ring Road is 137 km.

It starts at the new international airport (planned to be built in Bihta) and ends at Kanhauli.

Patna’s Ring Road will connect – Naubatpur, Dumri, Beldarichak, Ramnagar, Sabalpur, Bidupur (Vaishali), Sarai, Astipur, Nayagaon, Dighwara (Saran), and Sherpur.

The project is going to be completed in two phases.

It is a joint project of the Central and State government.

To build this 137 km ring road worth 15 thousand crores, two new bridges will be built on the Ganga river.

Ring Road in Other Bihar Cities

In addition to Patna, the other cities where ring road definitely going to be constructed are:

  1. Muzaffarpur
  2. Gaya
  3. Bhagalpur

The other expected cities where Ring Road might construct are:

  1. Darbhanga
  2. Bhojpur
  3. Katihar
  4. Begusarai
  5. Chapra

With the construction of Ring Road, people will be able to cover more distance in less time. There will be fewer traffic jams in the city.

Nitin Nabin, Minister of Bihar Road Construction Department

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