9 New Sainik School to Open in Bihar

Yesterday, the Board of Governors of Sainik School Society conducted a meeting under the chairmanship of India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.

In that meeting, the officials decided to open 100 new Sainik Schools in India.

These schools will be opened in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode.

However, some schools will also be operated by NGOs.

From Bihar, the below officials were present in the meeting.

  1. Bihar Education Minister, Vijay Kumar Choudhary
  2. Additional Chief Secretary of Bihar Education Depatment, Sanjay Kumar
  3. Director of Primary Education, Ravi Prakash

In the same meeting, it is decided to open 9 new Sainik Schools in Bihar. However, the proposal was to open 15.

Right now, there are only two Sainik schools present in Bihar. The first one is in Nalanda and the second one in Gopalganj. Both of these two Sainik schools have been ranked number one and two positions out of 33 Sainik schools in the country.

Bihar Education Minister tells the Defence Minister, a total of 379 institutes across the country have shown their interest to open Sainik schools in response to the advertisement published recently. Out of these 379 institutes, five of them are run by the government. Many government schools having all the necessary facilities are not able to apply due to lack of information.

All these new Sainik schools will be affiliated with their existing boards. Right now, India has around 40 central and state boards.

The opening of these new Sainik schools will definitely boost the state in the field of education.

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