Bihar Opens Mega Skill Centers

In a bid to train unemployed individuals and to place them in reputable companies, the state labor resource department has decided to open Mega Skill Center in each district of Bihar.

These skill centers will open in collaboration with various companies who in turn are going to train the unemployed individuals in the state.

If everything goes fine then after completing the training these companies might recruit these individuals in their companies itself.

In order to open these skill centers, this wednesday, the state labor resource department consulted the delegates of World Bank, British Council, TCS, WSC, NASSCOM, Barbeque Nation, V-Mart, Zomato, and Reliance Jio.

After having discussion with these companies and organizations, the labor resource department decided to open Mega Skill Centers in around 6 districts as a pilot project and when this project will be successful, the same will be rolled out to other districts of Bihar as well.

For now, we don’t know in which districts exactly these skill centers are going to open.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Visioned to Open these Skill Centers

The state government has realized that this era of employment is moving towards skills.

The more skills a candidate has, the better is the chances of placement.

The Secretary cum Additional Chief Secretary of Bihar Labor Resource Department, Rajeev Ranjan says, the establishment of Mega Skill Centers in the state is the vision of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

The Minister of Labor Resource Department, Surendra Ram says, the demand for skilled labor has been increased in the industry. Seeing the same, we have decided to open Mega Skill Centers in different districts of Bihar under Saat Nischay Part 2.

Bihar Requests World Bank to Help Opening these Centers

The Chief Secretary of State Labor Resource Department, Dr. B. Rajendra has said that, we have requested the World Bank as well to help us financially in order to open these centers.

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