New Power Substations are going to be built in Muzaffarpur

This Saturday while laying the foundation of new power substations that are going to be built in Bihar, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar gave Muzaffarpur some of them. These new power substations are said to be built within a year.

Right now, the city has a feeder length of 10 km, however, as soon as these new Power Substations will be assembled, the feeder length will be reduced to 3-5 km. Now, on one hand where right now, on average a power breakdown shuts down the electricity in the city for 1 to 2 hours, after assembling these new power substations the breakdown interval will be reduced to 10 to 20 minutes. NBPDCL says these new power substations at short intervals will reduce the line maintenance time which in turn will reduce the power breakdown time to 10-20 minutes.

New Power Substations Location in Muzaffarpur

Below are the places where these new Substations are going to be built in the Muzaffarpur.

  1. Paru-Fatehabad
  2. Aurai-Aurai
  3. Sakra-Bariyarpur
  4. Minapur-Majhoulia
  5. Katra-Berai Uttar
  6. Kudhni-Akhtiyarpur Paraya
  7. Kudhni-Dwarika Nagar
  8. Gaighat-Kanta Piraujha
  9. Minapur-Panapur
  10. Musahri (Urban)-Patahi
  11. Kanhauli BMP6
  12. Ahiyapur Baazaar Samiti
  13. Ramdayalu Circle Office
  14. City Park
  15. Zila School
  16. Bochhan Baajitpur

Special care of floods and rains are going to be taken in the construction of these new substations. The substations are going to be constructed at a height of 30 cm from the main road, so that, flood water does not enter the substations.

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