After getting good response from the public by availing them electric Buses for different routes in Bihar, BSRTC is now planning to introduce more e-buses for more routes in Bihar.

As per a report, In the last 20 days over 19000 people has availed the e-bus facility running in between Gandhi Maidan to Patna Airport and Danapur.

Currently BSRTC is running four buses in between Gandhi Maidan to Danapur via Bailey Road and two buses in between Gandhi Maidan to Patna Airport. One of the BSRTC official has said, an average of 800 to 900 passengers are travelling daily on these routes via the given e-buses.

Electric Bus in between Rajgir and Muzaffarpur

Seeing such a good response from the public, BSRTC is now planning to introduces more e-buses in Bihar. The department has planned to introduce e-buses in between Rajgir and Muzaffarpur. Currently, Muzaffarpur has got only one e-bus that daily runs in between Gandhi Maidan, Patna to Imlichatti Bus Stand, Muzaffarpur. If BSRTC introduces e-buses in between Muzaffarpur and Rajgir, then it will be affordable for Muzaffarpur people to visit one of most beautiful tourist spots in Bihar. Rajgir recently has got many tourist places. Examples are Glass Bridge, Zoo Safari and more.

On one hand where people are considering these e-buses affordable, on other hand, they saw it giving boost to the environment’s health.

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