Rajgir Zoo Safari Open Public Before Holi
Rajgir Zoo Safari | Credits: Twitter @Rahul

Last December, we told you a Zoo Safari would soon be built in Rajgir, Nalanda. This Zoo Safari will be spread over 480 acres of land and have many wild animals like Lions, tigers, Leopards, Deer, Sambar, and more.

The Zoo Safari was said to be built with the estimated cost of Rs. 177 crore. At that time, we don’t know about the date when the Zoo will be open to the public, but a recent report from Hindustan Times said the Rajgir Zoo Safari would be open to the public from March 26, 2021.

That means if the report is correct, then we may be able to visit Rajgir Zoo Safari before Holi this year.

Exciting Things to see at Rajgir Zoo Safari

Besides wild animals, this Zoo contains a plethora of other things. Below is the list of exciting things that one can see at Rajgir Zoo Safari.

  1. Forests
  2. Glass Bridge
  3. Adventure Park
  4. Butterfly Zone
  5. Rock Climbing Walls
  6. Wrestling Zone
  7. Archery Range
  8. Eight Seater Cabin Car Ropeway

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