The Construction of Laxmi Chowk Dadar Road is about to Complete
This image was shot on January 10, 2021. We have just used it for reference.

The District administration has closed the MIT Road that is in between Laxmi Chowk and Dadar till July 25, 2023 starting July 10, 2023. The MIT Road was constructed back in 2020. However, few things like sewage and pathways were not constructed back then.

The construction of sewage has recently been started in the MIT Road and is about to complete. As per authorities, the construction work at around 900 meters has been remaining.

To complete the same, the Executive Engineer of Road Division 1 recently wrote a letter to Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) East seeking permission to close the road for fifteen days.

In the letter, the Executive Engineer said, the MIT road has been cut to connect the sewage pipeline. To maintain the quality of work, it is necessary to complete the construction process in the broad daylight. And, with respect to the monsoon, we have to finalize this project as soon as possible.

Accepting the request, the SDO East asked the city’s traffic station to close the road for 15 days.

This decision came into effect when back on July 8, 2023, Muzaffarpur District Magistrate chaired a review meeting and in the same meeting asked the officials to complete this project in under 15 days.

So, if you are one who frequently travels between Laxmi Chowk and Dadar via MIT road, you can take some alternative paths like Laxmi Chowk to Dadar via Bairiya Golambar or via Marine Drive.

If you know some other alternate paths, post them in the comment section down below.

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